MeSign®eSigning Service

MeSign®eSigning Service is an innovative digital signature service for global users. It provides global users with convenient and fast PDF document digital signature service with time stamp service. There are four service methods:

Method 1

Use MeSince APP

Manually sign document free
Method 2

Use MeSign Reader

Manually sign document free
Method 3

Call MeSign API

Batch signing document automatically
Method 4

Use MeSince eSigning System

Batch signing document automatically

MeSign®Eight Innovative Features

  • 1.Global Trusted

    Every signed document contains the signer's globally Adobe trusted identity information and timestamp information, proving the signatory's authentic identity information and trusted signing time information.

    2.China Regulations Compliance

    The document signed by Chinese users are RSA and SM2 dual certificate dual signature and dual timestamp, which not only achieve global trust, but also achieve China regulations compliance and meet China's compliance requirements for electronic signatures.

  • 3.Signer’s Identity Trusted

    The true identity of each signer is strictly authenticated by Adobe Trusted CA, not only is the signer's identity credible, but also each digital signature is signed with an Adobe trusted PDF signing certificate containing the signer's identity information. One certificate for one signature, the identity is authentic, tamper-proof and non-repudiation.

    4.Protection Privacy

    No matter how the MeSign eSigning Service is completed, the file to be signed is not submitted to the MeSign cloud server, only need to submit the HASH value of the file to be signed to protect the confidentiality of the user's document.

  • 5.Multi-Innovation

    The innovated dual-certificate dual-signature dual-timestamp technology, innovated solutions for Signing in MeSince APP, Signing in MeSince Reader, cloud HASH signing and local fast signing, innovative application of LTV technology and tampering display technology, innovation support for conveniences eSigning and support for multiple platforms.

    6.Read and Validated

    All signatures are in line with international standards and China standards and Adobe Global Trusted, all signed documents are opened in Reader that complete the validation, no need for the user to submit the document to special validation system for signature validation.

  • 7.Easy to use

    For single document signing, whether using MeSince APP or MeSince Reader is a one-click work. For batch signing, the MeSince eSigning System provides a plug-and-play and one-key output signing work. All users do not need any PDF signing and signing programming experience.

    8.Completely Free

    The MeSign eSigning service is a free service for MeSince validated users. All validates users can use MeSince APP and MeSince Reader to sign Adobe trusted PDF documents for free without signing event quantity limit.

ChooseMeSign®, choose Compliance, Trusted and Free.

ChooseMeSign®, choose Secure, Trusted and Convenient.